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Tim Coffield is a seasoned attorney based in Charlottesville, Virginia, known for his dynamic legal practice at Coffield PLC. Since founding the firm in 2012, Tim has established himself as a dedicated advocate, offering strategic and personalized legal representation to clients across central and western Virginia.


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Home: Charlottesville, VA.  Age: 41.  Birthplace: North Carolina.  Profession: Attorney.  Alma mater: North Carolina State University, University of Virginia School of Law.

Recent professional development: Read up on the FLSA exemption for employees of seasonal amusement or recreational establishments.  Hobbies: Weightlifting and backpacking.  Recent travel or adventure: Visiting my family in North Carolina.  Last book read: Empire Falls, by Richard Russo.  Recent unique acquisition: A new dog.


FLSA Compensable Time: On-Call Time and Waiting Time

The article by Timothy Coffield (Attorney) provides an in-depth analysis of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regulations concerning compensable working time, particularly focusing on on-call and waiting time. It clarifies the conditions under which employees must be compensated for on-call and waiting periods, differentiating between “engaged to wait” (compensable) and “waiting to be engaged” (non-compensable). The piece is aimed at helping both employees and employers understand when on-call and waiting time should be considered paid work hours under FLSA standards


Virginia Employee Social Media Privacy Act: Protections for Employee Social Media Information

The Virginia Employee Social Media Privacy Act, VA Code § 40.1–28.7:5 (“VESMPA”), titled “Social media accounts of current and prospective employees,” generally prohibits Virginia employers from (1) requiring employees or prospective employees to disclose their social media usernames and passwords or (2) to “friend” or “connect” with the employer on social media. As with many laws, however, the VESMPA has some exceptions to the general rule.

Virginia Gap Pay Act: Special Overtime Rights for Fire Protection and Law Enforcement Employees

In the article, Timothy Coffield, Attorney in VA, discusses the Virginia Gap Pay Act, which mandates special overtime compensation for fire protection and law enforcement employees for hours worked in the “gap” between their regular salary coverage and overtime eligibility under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


Timothy Coffield’s Interview on Ideamensch

The article on IdeaMensch features Timothy Coffield, an attorney and the founder of Coffield PLC, based in Charlottesville, Virginia. It delves into his background, including his education and early career focus on environmental and natural resources law, before transitioning to areas like employment and civil rights law, among others. Coffield shares insights into his company’s foundation, his daily routine, strategies for productivity, and the importance of building healthy relationships in business. He also discusses the impact of technology in legal practices and offers advice to his younger self and other entrepreneurs​​.

Timothy Coffield’s Interview on Surprisinglyfree

The article on Surprisingly Free provides an in-depth interview with Timothy Coffield, an attorney based in Charlottesville, Virginia, and founder of Coffield PLC. It covers his journey into employment and civil rights law, his commitment to ensuring workers receive fair compensation, and his approach to legal practice. Coffield shares insights on the importance of communication with clients, his favorite tools for work, and personal interests such as weightlifting. He also discusses his views on the current trends and challenges within the legal industry​